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freequote Our fees vary from home to home as no two homes are ever alike! However, because we are a new company and our overhead is relatively low, our fees are typically much lower than others within our market. To receive a quote, please call or email us and include the following key factors:

• Type of home
• Square footage of the Home
• Year the home was built
• The foundation type

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We will respond quickly to your request with a quote and an available time. If you happen to have an MLS listing of the home, please include that with your email.

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A Better Breakdown of Our Fees

The Type of Home is important as a standard home will require a higher fee versus a condominium or even some townhomes as the exterior of condominiums are typically only briefly inspected as the exterior is the responsibility of the HOA.

For the square footage, the bigger the home, the longer it takes to not only inspect the home, but to also write the report.

The year the home was built is important because older homes typically require more time due to many more defects, minor, moderate and some major. These older homes have been exposed to the elements for long periods of time and thus suffer more damage. However, this is not to say that an older home is any less valuable than a newer home. They simply take longer to inspect.

The Foundation Type refers to whether or not a home is on a slab / raised slab, a crawlspace or a drive-under style homes. Homes with crawlspaces or drive-under spaces take much longer because there is more square footage to investigate, especially with crawlspaces where 1/4 of the inspection time is spent crawling around on our knees, in the dark, oftentimes with critters.

Finally, the distance is a key factor as, homes farther away from Mount Pleasant require more driving time than houses closer to Mount Pleasant.