We Get It!

We understand that purchasing a home can be stressful and even scary at times. We will not unnecessarily alarm you but seek more to inform you as to the current condition of your home. Founded by a structural engineer, we operate under the mentality that everything can be fixed. This has served us well over the last 20+ years as structural engineers and it continues to serve us well as home inspectors. We present our findings in a professional manner and sincerely hope to remove as much of the unknown as possible. Our reports are easy to follow and understand. Our inspectors are courteous, knowledgeable and polite.

We are here to help. We are Spartan.

Meet our Founder…

Spartan Inspection Services was founded by Howard D. Althen, a registered Professional Engineer (PE) with over 20 years of residential, commercial and industrial design and inspection experience. Structural engineering design services provide the contractor and builder with the proper instructions as to how to build a home.

He has provided structural design and inspection services to many homes including:
• Large, custom residential structures in excess of 6500 square feet
• Standard custom, semi-custom and tract homes
• Apartment complexes, town homes and hotels
• Additions and remodeling design services for existing homes, including Historic homes

Howard learned early on that communication is key to designing and building a home. Over the years, he has worked with contractors, architects and owners. Proper report writing has become second-nature as a good report saves everyone time, money and headaches.

Howard is a true lowcountry boy as he was born and raised in the Charleston area. He is a devoted husband with four, that’s right, FOUR beautiful children. He is an active member of Christ Church of Mount Pleasant and believes that, through Him, all things are possible. Spartan Inspection Services is a direct result of the blessings provided by Our Lord.