Home Inspections

What To Expect From Our Home Inspection Services:

The first step in our home inspection process is to meet you. You are our client. You are the one purchasing the home. This fact is never lost on us when we provide home inspection services. When a home inspection is scheduled, we encourage you to attend the inspection to help put your mind at ease as well as answer any initial questions or concerns you may have.

At the beginning of the home inspection, we walk the exterior perimeter of your home to get an overall feel for the home. We then move inside to the inside where we acclimate ourselves with the interior, which rooms are which and again, gain an overall feel for the home.

We inspect the exterior of the home by walking the perimeter of the home and note any defects or concerns of the following:

  • Property grounds and visible foundation items
  • Driveway and sidewalks
  • Exterior walls and coverings
  • Roof and roof coverings
  • Decks, porches and patios
  • Crawlspace or area under elevated homes (if applicable)
  • General Structural condition of the home

We then move on to the interior of the home. We access the interior rooms and operate appliances. During our interior inspection, we note any defects or concerns of the following:

  • Interior Rooms and Bedrooms
  • Kitchens and laundry rooms
  • Fireplaces, Hallways and Stairways
  • Interior bathrooms and water closets
  • Accessible attic spaces

We also inspect the mechanical systems of your home including:

  • Plumbing systems such as water heaters and all plumbing fixtures
  • Electrical systems such as the main electrical panel and outlets
  • Heating and air conditioning systems

What to expect from our home inspection reports:

All houses have defects. After all, they are man-made structures! In most cases, we provide the report to your agent within 24 hours for their initial review. Your agent will then forward the report to you for discussion and the next plan of action.

Why to the realtor first? Realtors are much more familiar with home inspection reports and homes in general than most of us and they can help with putting everything into proper perspective. While our inspection reports are easy to read and understand, written in plain English, they can also be a little intimidating. It’s the nature of the beast. It is our duty to present all of our findings to you so that you know exactly what condition your home is in. However, we present this information in an objective, non-alarmist way so that even a long list of items may not be so stressful. After review, if you have any further questions, we are only a phone call or email message away. We are here to help.