The Dark Side of Adding a new faucet…

Can you guess what this is that I am holding in my hand? All of you DIYs out there probably do as well as anyone who has had to turn off the water under their sink. The real question is…why am I holding it in my hand and why does there look like there is [...]

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Crawlspaces need love too….

Let’s face it, nobody likes crawlspaces. They are dark, damp or dusty, cramped and, well, dark. So, why would anyone EVER want to go in them, right? Because they are so rarely visited, most crawlspaces go without maintenance for a long time, sometimes for years, which can lead to problems, sometimes big problems. Still, crawlspaces, [...]

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Help out the home inspector!!

Congratulations! You and your agent have found a buyer who loves your home! As a matter of fact, they love it so much so that they’ve hired a home inspector to check it out. Now, a home inspection is nothing to be scared of. Rather, it should be viewed as an objective assessment of your [...]

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The Temperature / Pressure (T/P)…You Gotta Check It!

All water heaters, including tankless water heaters, should have a temperature / pressure valve, or T/P valve, installed somewhere on the tank. Water heaters are essentially pressure vessels that are capable of withstanding large amounts of pressure and heat. It is up to the T/P valve to open and release these pressures. However, when the [...]

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